College Packing List: Update #collegepackinglist
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College Packing List: Update #collegepackinglist

College Packing List: Update - Prep Avenue

As people start to round up their things for the school year, I thought this would be the perfect post! My first college packing list post was super popular. So I thought I would update it, add a few things/ delete a few things. Now that I’ve spent a year living in a dorm room, I feel like I have a better understanding of what I’m actually going to use and what’s just going to sit in a drawer in my desk. I think the absolute most important thing in a dorm room is to be organized. Since the space is so small when you’re room is messy it’s 10x worse than having a messy room at home. For me, it’s so much easier to stay organized and neat at school in comparison to home because I’m confined to such a small space. And that tiny space acts my bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room. So there’s no where to spread your stuff all over. My roommate and I last year were actually pretty impressed by ourselves by how clean we were able to keep our room. We would walk down the hallway and peek into our hall-mates rooms when their doors were open and it would make us feel pretty great about ourselves when everyone else had a layer of clothes on the floor. For some reason, our room also ended up always being our friend group’s meeting spot. So we were always having movie nights or celebrating someone’s birthday in there. This coming year I’m super psyched because I’ll be living on my sorority hall with tons of my sisters from my pledge class. Hello late night chats and study parties. I know it’s going to make for an amazing sophomore year and I can’t wait to move back in and be surrounded by my sisters! (Ahh just writing about it makes me so ready for new adventures!) So start saving those bed bath and beyond coupons because I promise you’re going to need them! And make sure you bookmark this post so that when you start your packing you can reference this list! Comment and tell me if you think I forgot anything off the list! Keep in mind, xoxo Shannon P.S. Here are some other helpful posts to look at when you're packing for college! My old college packing list 10 Most Forgotten Things When Packing for College Pictures of my freshman college dorm room


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